The Luster of Epoxy Flooring & Stained Concrete Floors on Long Island

Whether for industrial, warehouses, manufacturing, commercial facilities or at a residence in a garage, basement or laundry room, epoxy flooring & stained concrete floors in Long Island offer a great value because of its durability, high performance and cost effectiveness. It a low maintenance flooring that is quick to install, easy to clean and ideal for heavy equipment and heavy traffic. It is an attractive option in Suffolk County and Nassau County to transform your flooring into a sleek durable surface. As a coating, it is only about two millimeters thick whereas epoxy floors are greater in thickness.


Stained concrete floors & Epoxy flooring long island
Stained Concrete Floors & Epoxy Flooring in Suffolk Count Long Island

Epoxide resin is often used as an adhesive but when mixed with polyamine hardener and other additives, it becomes a stable and enduring surface and seals and cures a surface to create a bond. Whether as a flooring or a floor covering, it not only beautifies but also reflects lighting to brighten the work areas. It can be mixed with mica or quartz chips for a speckled pattern and better traction. It is used in restrooms, schools, locker rooms, lobbies, showrooms cafeterias, among others. Find your options in Long Island, Suffolk County and Nassau County for epoxy flooring or stained concrete floors to meet your specific business or home needs. Self-leveling epoxy covers over new, old, damaged and cracked concrete floors to create a smooth durable level surface. It provides a seamless shiny look and comes in many different colors.


Stained concrete floors not only covers defects but also offers designs and color options to set the right tone for your business or company. Designs and paints can direct traffic, and distinguish paths for forklifts and heavy machinery from walking areas. Epoxy eliminates the need to de-construct or remove your old flooring but offer an added protective coating to level your current flooring. This flooring handles impact and remains study under the traffic of heavy machinery at manufacturing and industrial facilities. It doesn’t peel or tear and handles the wear and tear of heavy and continual traffic. It may look like glass or veneer but has both the strength and endurance to last. Quartz filled epoxy offers both sanitation and slip resistance.


Epoxy flooring and stained concrete floors are simple and easy to clean with soap and water. It won’t create constant dust like concrete. It can be swept, mopped and vacuumed. It is stain and scratch resistant. It is also used in anti-static floors or electro-static charge resistant floors. This reduces static hazards around flammable materials. It is the best option for industrial, plants, commercial, and manufacturing facilities as well as home garages, basements and laundry rooms in Long Island, Suffolk County and Nassau County.


For high chemical resistance, epoxy mortar floors are the best choice. It is constructed of 100% solid epoxies and graded or quartz sand. Such a floor is ideal for warehouses, mechanical spaces, commercial kitchens, restaurants, garages and manufacturing plants. Stained concrete floors and epoxy flooring are practical, long lasting, resistant to impact and customizable to any space. Whether an elegant floor design or an unyielding industrial work space, epoxy flooring is the right flooring.

Michael Hatley